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Meet The Team

Our Trustees

Our Foundation is governed by four experienced trustees.

John O'Sullivan

Roger Hooker

Brendan O'Sullivan

Stephen Greer

The Grants Committee

We ensure that the key decisions are made by people who have an intimate knowledge of the sectors, and a deep sense of community.

David Todd (Chair)

David spent more than two decades in rural banking and is a Hawke’s Bay facilitator of the Rural Support Trust. He generously donates his time to many organisations.

Karen Morrish

Karen resides in Rissington and spent 18 years in senior roles with Scales Corporation, the owner of Mr Apple. Karen is CEO of NZ Apples & Pears.

Lochie MacGillivray

Lochie is a former farmer and director of AgFirst. He works with a range of farming and agribusiness clients around the local community.

Bruce Beaton

Bruce is the former general manager of Pipfruit New Zealand and T & G Global and has a strong understanding of growing and supply chains.

Our Executive Officer

Our executive officer Annabel Mason, manages the day to day operations of the Foundation and is the conduit between trustees, grants recipients, and communities.