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Volunteer Support Initiatives

Making a difference

It is inspiring to see so many people and volunteer groups making a difference in our community.  Supporting these initiatives in their work is fundamental to the recovery phase.

Silt clean-up is continuing and so is our support, with our application for
grant funding from Red Cross to assist recovery efforts successful.  We’ve been assisting both the Hawke’s Bay Clean-Up Team and the River of Silt Crew to keep doing the hard work on the ground.  They are doing a phenomenal job!

We have also been supporting Neela Neela and her volunteer group who have been cooking free meals for affected residents and those doing recovery work and The Dinner Club, who provide a free weekly dinner for those living in make-shift accommodation while rebuilding. 

The Hawke’s Bay Laundry Network is a group of volunteers who do the laundry of those who have lost their homes, and those helping with the clean-up.  We’ve allocated funding to allow them to buy what they need to ensure the smooth running of the service.

Partner with us

If you would like to partner with us to deliver an event, please contact us